Our Services

Manufacturing Industries

  • Plastic Factory (Travel - Bags - Cups - Plastic Dishes).

  • Compressed Coal Factory.

  • Paper Factory.

  • Soap factory.

  • Cars oils factory.

  • Packaging materials factory (envelope printing).

  • Factory recycling Covers.

Light Industries

  • Biscuit & Wafer Factory.

  • Sweets & Chocolate Factory.

  • Jelly and Sweets Lollipop Factory.

  • Packing of nuts and pulses Factory.

  • Health Water Factory.

  • Juice Factory(Tetra Pak).

  • ice cream factory.

  • Potatoes and puffs of corn

Industrial Projects

  • We offer you feasibility studies for the project.

  • We provide you with quotations for machines and production lines.

  • We support you in obtaining industrial land through the Industrial Property Authority and obtaining the necessary licenses.

  • We undertake the design and construction process (in cooperation with our partners).

  • We import the production lines and raw materials for manufacturing.

  • We manage the team structure, recruitment and recruitment (as desired by the client).

  • Industrial projects we suggest to you

Import for Others

Submit your order list and we will import it on your behalf from the country of origin

  • Food and non-food materials.

  • Furniture, Equipment, Devices, bedding.

Management and Operation Services

  • Installation and operation (by the technical team assigned by the manufacturer).

  • We take the process of bringing in the technicians, experts and the appropriate work team and we assume the tasks of management, operation, marketing and selling (as per the customer's desire).

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